Engineering Services

Cohere provides a range of custom software design and development services including:

  • Applications software programming
  • Cloud systems design, engineering, and customization
  • Distributed systems design and development
  • Software analysis, design, and architectures
  • Software programming
  • Full lifecycle software testing
  • Database design and engineering
  • API design and implementation
  • Information engineering and data migration
  • Website and Web application design and implementation

We have expertise in a variety of modern imperative and functional programming languages:

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Clojure
  • Scala
  • C , C++, C#
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Objective C
  • Matlab

Additionally, we have experience with a wide variety of standards, frameworks, APIs, and other software technologies, including:

  • Java technologies (Web, Core, Spring and Persistence Frameworks)
  • Dynamic scripting languages (Python, Ruby, Groovy)
  • Relational and NoSQL data stores (e.g., Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Accumulo, MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Neo4j, Elasticsearch)
  • Hadoop ecosystem (HBase, Accumulo, YARN, Spark, Mahout)
  • SOAP and RESTful Web services
  • Messaging frameworks (JMS, Kafka, RabbitMQ, AMQP)
  • HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Web Template Engines
  • JavaScript UI frameworks (Angular, JQuery, Sencha)
  • Client-side mapping frameworks (Google Maps, Open Layers, Leaflet)
  • XML/XSL and JSON

Our software design and development approach emphasizes working in close collaboration with the customer throughout the production process. We employ a “hybrid Agile” software development methodology that stresses the design phase to reduce risk and maximize efficiency throughout the development process.